Hi All! 

With the current organizer moving to New York, the Bakesale needs a few good vegans to fill her shoes and run this thing! Organizing the sales can be as simple or involved as you like- basically, you’ll be signing on to choose a charity, maintain the twitter and tumblr accounts, organize volunteer bakeries and home bakers, and find a fun, community-minded locale to host the sales. This is a great position for a creative, thorough individual who enjoys meeting people, helping the SF community, and spreading the vegan word via cupcakes and cookies. 

Interested? Planning for the upcoming late-October Bakesale is currently underway, and we’d love to get you familiar with what it takes to put on a sale from beginning to end. We’ll throw the next sale together, then let you take the reigns. Email Camille at sfveganbakesale@gmail.com for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!   


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